Break Out of the Ordinary

Adventures for location-independent explorers

At BreakOutwards, we believe the 9-5 grind and same old routine are not the only ways. A life of freedom, fulfillment, and new horizons awaits. Join our community of location-independent go-getters and digital nomads on the path less traveled.

With our retreats, events, and membership, you’ll discover remote work opportunities, build skills, and connect with fellow wanderers and adventurers. Break out of the status quo and start living life on your own terms. The journey begins with a single step. Let’s wander onward together!


Ready, set go!

Our Mission

To create a global community of location-independent explorers who live life on their own terms.

We believe the modern 9-5 grind and repetitive routine are not the only ways to live. The world is brimming with possibilities when you break free from the status quo.

Our mission is to empower people to build remote incomes to fund the unconventional lifestyles of their dreams. We guide people through embracing flexibility, prioritizing fulfillment, and discovering new horizons.
By bringing together digital nomads, remote workers, and intrepid travelers, we expand perspectives. Our experiences facilitate personal growth through discomfort, challenge, and new realities.

We equip people with the skills, mindset, and community to work, live, and wander wherever they feel most alive. Expanding your comfort zone leads to transformation. Seeking truth and magic breaks barriers.

Join us on the journey less traveled. Let’s venture onward and upward, outward and beyond. The world is waiting.

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Want to start your journey towards becoming a digital nomad but need guidance? Our completely free 15-day email course covers all the foundations, from remote jobs to travel hacks.

Each day brings a new lesson plus an action item to start optimizing life for work and travel freedom. Level up with support from our nomad community.

Get a breakdown of the full course and learn how to sign up for this free email journey to nomadism in our latest blog post (HERE).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are retreats suited for?

    Our retreats welcome all aspiring or current digital nomads and remote workers seeking community, skills, and adventure.

  • I've never traveled solo before - will I feel welcomed?

    Absolutely! We get many first-time solo travelers who end up making life-long connections. There’s a strong communal vibe.

  • Is it safe to travel there?

    We thoroughly vet locations for safety. Our team will be with you, and provide country-specific guidance.

  • What's the typical age range of attendees?

    Our retreat guests span ages 22 to 60s, united by a spirit of adventure. All are welcomed!

  • Do I need to be a nomad already?

    Not at all! Complete beginners to experienced nomads are all welcome. We meet you where you’re at.


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