Break Out of the Ordinary


We are just getting started on our mission to create a global community of location-independent explorers. Our inaugural offering is transformational small-group retreats for digital nomads and remote workers.

What we are doing

Retreats & Workshops

We host intimate retreats for those looking to deepen their skills, expand their mindset, and connect with like-minded adventurers.

Our inaugural destination will be in Da Nang, Vietnam providing an affordable beachside location with cultural immersion and a collaborative community.

Based on the success of this launch retreat, we aim to expand to other sought-after nomad destinations like Bali, Mexico, Morocco, and the Pacific Northwest.

Each retreat focuses on community building, career development, personal growth, and cultural immersion. We design transformational experiences to equip attendees to work, live, and travel remotely.

But not stoping at that

Our Vision

We aim to expand our offerings over time to further serve nomads worldwide on their journey. Our aspirations include these and more:

Membership & Community

Connecting our global members through online forums, local events, and exclusive deals.

Resources & Advice

Sharing practical guidance for nomading through blogs, podcasts, courses, ebooks, and 1-on-1 consulting on topics like remote work, travel hacking, and goal setting.


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The Journey Ahead

We're just getting started - Want to collaborate on the future?

While starting with transformational retreats, we have bold dreams to evolve into a trusted platform and community empowering location-independent lifestyles.

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